Sunday, August 10, 2008

Christian Retirement Verses

Henri Maurice Blanchot

" The dream lives in the region where reigns the pure similarity. Everything is similar, each figure is different, like another and another and yet another to uest'ultima. It looks for the original model, it would be brought to a starting point, a revelation in the beginning, but there are none: The dream is similar to that eternally returns like that. "

The literary space

Difference Acne And Impetego

Jean-Marc Adolphe Frederic Flamand

Dance is undefined ... that object that should be the center of its concern for the project, individual and collective emancipation. Training between the body and broke the subject, the history of dance is marked by loss of comings and goings between the imposition of subjection and the dynamics of liberation.
When did contemporary dance in France and Europe (80) was in a sense an extension (or ending) momentum of the libertarian in May '68. It was ... a matter that belonged to a generation raised with the background echo of social change, intellectual ... that the movements of '68 had generated.
The need to dispose of the body prorpio also outside of the tabu erected to control the costumes and the desire to invent a future that was not preordained by pesentezze family or social, were perhaps the most profoundly revolutionary political slogans ...

In the 70s most of the dancers who wanted to get away, especially in contrast to the almost total dominance of classical ballet, has crossed the Atlantic to spend a few weeks .. in New York.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Difference Between 945gm Chipset And 4500 Mhd

"Transit is the typical condition of contemporary man as well as dance, art and ephemeral art movement par excellence. So I go back to reiterate that it is the best way to talk about the world today.
We are experiencing a crisis of modernity, accompanied by a real skepticism about the notion of artistic progress and with respect to any dogmatism.
What is important is to find the artistic process through the requirement of the invention, the crushing of stereotyped patterns of our representations, the work of breaking down barriers that enclose the arts. "

excerpts from an article
Silvia Poletti
Dance and Dance 06/08