Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrap Aircraft Fuselage


Welcome to Copenhagen!
first day in the Danish capital with 5 degrees below zero and snow in your hair

Welcome to Copenhagen!
my first day in the Danish capital with 5 degress under zero and with snowflakes in my hair

here all go around Cycling sun rain wind snow, always!
here everyone goes around with the bycicle sun rain wind, ever!

their fleet with boats stuck in ice
Their big canal with boats stopped in the ice

christiana an old industrial area occupied and restored by the 80 christiana an old hippie
taken industrial area and then rebuilt in the 80ies by hippies

the little mermaid the little


h & m black dress
gray leggings
gray big sweater
bear paw black boots
neck black scarf by mother's friend

Saturday, February 27, 2010

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The Milan hidden and forgotten

One of the first sunny days in Milan, the study time, but as not to give in to the heat that enters your veins!?
choose a spring outfit, helmet and keys nikon above and away towards the first exploration of the great
Cristina Milan a few days ago I brought this initiative
arrive in a tangle of small streets hidden from the great palaces that conceal almost characteristic views seem to be thrown around forty years ago, all this behind corso Magenta, ma la parte letteraria la lascio alla vera scrittrice...

One of the first sunny day in Milan, the study is so much, but how resist to the warm entering in your veins?!
I choose for a spring outfit, crash helmet, keys and most of all nikon and gooo to the first esploration of the big Milano with Cristina who proposed me this initiative few days ago
we arrived to a tangle of little streets hidden by big palaces which conceals characterist shortens that seems to be ejected to 40 years ago, all of it behind corso Magenta, but the written part is cristina bussiness, the real writer...

she is Cristina

ME :
levi's jeans
h&m striped blouse
vintage beige cardigan
zara beige trench
high heels by marco
burberry classic bag

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vent to the bar brooch

By Thursday afternoon to 15:00 at a bar with a friend.
There was never entered before, although I was in my hometown.
At a table sat a boy.
I see it, watch it, watch it better as far as possible because is in profile.
I recognize him.
not seen him for so.
With a typical way of doing mine, I take the face gently in my hands to turn it completely to me and give him two kisses on the cheek that he reciprocates.
Our faces turn away a bit '.
We look for a millisecond
and he asked me rhetorically: "You are wrong ..?"
imbranatamente And I answer: "Yes" to kiss

This completely unknown so sweet I had never happened before.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Happiness Flowers & colors

YES! happiness and color as watchwords for this set made with my two wonderful friends near Viale Umbria

dress, forget everything, music, and that's it .. s' sudden !

YES! happiness and color as key words for this set, near Viale Umbria Realised with two friends of mine

dressing up, Forgetting everything, music and all is done .. improvisation !

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winnipeg Brazilian Wax

bomb: a color splash from the italian fashion bloggers. Get ready, spring is on ITS way

With perhaps a bit of pride I have decided to participate in this initiative addressed to all Italian fashion blogger, upload pictures taken next to a floral outfit in Milan with the help of my great friend.

I hope you like

I Decided to join an initiative to adressed to all the italian fashion blogger, maybe with a little of haughtyness, uploading floreal outfit shoots taken near Milan by one of the biggest frien of mine.

I hope you enjoy it

beige red espadrilles
long flowered dress by Fiorucci
panama hat with bowties

Blogger Participants List:
http:/ / /

Monday, February 22, 2010

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This is me!

Here I am in the world of bloggers!
Finally after days of doubt and second thoughts, I decided to open what would become my little virtual world.
will be photos, as always, to represent him, followed by words, most of the time without a logical crowded that day blending into my head.
witness to my student days in china on the books that always bored lately are aumnetando excessively in view of maturity, but also my madness that characterize my leisure time in Milan that I hope never end. And finally, travel diaries can be, well then you are a lover of the world, e come tale, grazie a mio padre che mi ha trasmesso questa passione, giro il più possibile immortalando ogni istante,ogni particolare, praticamente tutto ciò che mi circonda.
Spero possa piacere a tutti voi !

Here I am in the blogger world
at Last,after days of doubts and second thoughts, I resolved to open that one which would became my little virtual world.
Photos, as always,wuold rapresented it, followed by words, almost always pilled up without a logical sense,which every day whisk in my little brain.
They would testify my bored studying days (my school.leaving certificate is very close), but also my madnesses which characterize my milanese free time ( I hope they wouldn't finish). At last, my posts could be my voyage diary, oh yes I am a world lover, so, thanks to my father who passed on me this passion, I travel as much as I can immortalizing evry moment, every detail, pratically every thing sorrounded me.
I hope you would like, and enjoy it!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

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pin doodle

Monday, February 15, 2010

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The Big Team Scribble

This is the car that I scribbled on the train designed by Oppy

but those of others are really beautiful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gowin!the Football Forecasterdeluxeedition 2010


These days I did infermierina. The lintel carton has decided to take the flu. Without much of a fever, but the man was just down. He spent 2 days in bed, making cure and poison me. Yesterday I made a sauce of carrots. Or at least I've got tried, but it seems that the simple experiment has not been properly managed. And oh well holidays are a bit 'of experiments they do. That's after my first two days of leave at home in semi-farm influence myself. Today, the lintel has decided to quit. And a little later, 'just the cook Difino has finished preparing lunch, we leave for Nola. Will be three of the lintel and stay here to recover the lost work. I could create quiz: Who will be my two traveling companions?
But no matter. Matter after a while 'I shall see Lucariello. and this gives me much joy.
At work, my crises, my disappointments, my not make it more to make what I do with my not being able to build a future if you do not straighten this .. here's to all of this I will think again when the leave will end. For now I've got 5 more days. And the week end-stage semi romantic escape not already attracts me.

But I wrote in that language??