Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Rwanda, november 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Sometimes I remain speechless listening to certain injustices that affect people with heart disease or those nearby.

It 's a shame ..... it sucks!
cardiac disease who are proud, let me just one consideration, not to let temperance, let me write things that would make it absolutely improper !!!!!!!! Many react to injustice
wishing to experience what it was before, but I will not wish it on anyone.

This is not because it's not nice to wish evil, but here the only evil is ignorance, stupidity and superificialità.
I do not feel absolutely certain to wish to subject the chance to try what suits you the fact of being born and living with a heart ......
I would not want any of them the joy of feeling reborn, of feeling alive and give meaning to their existence!

These are the privileges of us with heart disease!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Here I am! I finally manage to find some time to write.
Yesterday I went to check-in Novara from my heart surgeon, Dr. Marco Diena!
The heart is well, the operation succeeded perfectly and I'm excited!!
In the waiting room I noticed the tension of those waiting for a pre-intervention .... and I realized how important it is for us to know what will happen to us with heart disease, listen to the experience of those who have passed before us and not just what the doctor tells us that without doubt is what we want more! Fear accompanies us during the hospital stay in cardiac surgery, but no brakes
We are a "race" curious! We want to know what to expect, we want to know if and how much pain we feel, we want to know any particular to be ready for anything!
I like facing life with heart disease because of chest! :-)
This photo I took in a little mountain is my rebirth, in fact, from September 10, 2009 along the path of my life is back to shine the sun!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Remember a year ago .... Tachycardia

Monday I shall see Dr. Diena, my heart surgeon and I am very excited.
I'll do the visit after the first year of operation, then, if all goes well, I'll just do cardiological controls.
If all goes well from the cardiac surgeon means that I may face other actions ... and I hope that my pulmonary valve does not make me jokes !!!!!!
The thought of going back under the knife gives me anxiety.
Sometimes I remember the fear when they were drainage or take off "points of the heart" that in the end I cut because it is a reoperation feared to break his heart. It seems impossible that this could happen, but is precisely the justification that has given me the heart surgeon who gave them to me removed.
When he removed the drains to keep from crying or laughing because I laughed maybe
I was really scared and really I had not felt so bad.
Maybe I laughed because that Sept. 13, the day when I removed the drainage also went out of intensive care.
It 's been a year, but the memory of this experience is always alive inside of me !
last week and came to see me in the lab, my neighbor beds
Veruno, the rehabilitation center. When she left I was moved,
I held back the tears, but my thinking was in those days.
As they were hard, were also the most important days of my life
and they will always carry in my heart!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weaves With Side Bangs

This little heart goes my breakfast every morning!
It 's a drug, beta-blocker used to control my and my tachycardia extrasystoles that now accompany me for about a year.
And 'the only posthumous post surgery, but now I am used to live with it.
My heart races even when at rest, in fact, traveling at average about 115 beats per minute. Makes itself felt reassured me of his presence, or perhaps runs so fast because it's happy, free! And 'as if the intervention had opened the door of his prison, caused from heart disease and without hesitation began to run like a madman!
Run little heart, I'm not annoyed by, the important thing is that you will not tire too!

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history of a heart angry

This story is not born by chance, but it's part of my experience after the surgery ....

Once upon a time a few years ago, a heart patient who, however, despite the disease that afflicted him, he continued to work undaunted and never backing down in any way.
was always ready and available as long as the his condition did not constitute a burden to those around him.
Many feared him, having believed that his condition would not be able to fulfill its duties, but the little heart showed the opposite.
came a day that became worse and, unfortunately, had to undergo an operation to cure his disease.
This intervention, although he managed very well, the costrise not undergo the same effort as before.
Since that day, some around him began to consider the negative, treated him as a burden, and made him feel too disappointed because my heart was no longer remembered what he had done before worsening. The heart despite
very angry and outraged by the situation, resigned to his situation, he accepted and took teaching.
His health was more important than the conquest and from that day would not have done anything to compromise or to please anyone, because who cares, accepts you for who you are today and what will be tomorrow.

Monday, September 20, 2010

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RX Chest

These are radiographs my chest! You notice my heart is still a little swollen and above repairs. The staples that many seem to close the sternum shining stars!

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Facebook # / group.php? gid = 123823303412

One day on facebook, before undergoing a second heart surgery, I decided to create a group that would allow people with heart disease, heart surgeries, waiting for heart surgery or not, to tell their own experience, doubts, fears and anything else you want to communicate.
The group is also open to parents of children with heart disease, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and all those who would like to get to know the reality of living with heart disease.
The group joined a number of people with heart disease, but especially parents of children with congenital heart disease awaiting surgery or behind one or more cardiac surgery.
They also joined the parents of children who have yet come to light, in which new technologies have been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.
This group, whose members already exceed the 300, is giving me much satisfaction, but the most important aspect is that thanks to this I not only had the opportunity to talk about my cardiac condition, but also to confront other people like me, are born with heart disease.
In fact, until now, I'd never met people with similar experiences behind.
All this made me feel less alone and then if this group is helpful to someone who can not be happy!
Infuse ...... behind heart disease is not only a heart patient to treat or repair,,,, Being cardiac and much more.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Haiti A Good Vacation Spot

September 10, 2010

CUORICINO my Happy Birthday !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is spent exactly one year since my second heart surgery!
How quickly pass the time, I think yesterday when I woke up with the tube in his mouth in the ICU and I realized I was still alive !!!!!
It seems impossible to have lived for the second time such an experience, time flew so fast that hardly even believe it!
Sometimes I wonder where he found the strength to endure and overcome all this.
It 's something that we have inside of heart disease, an innate force that helps us face life's challenges with courage and determination!! It' s our gift!
Since that September 10 has changed my life!
From that day to me is a fresh start and this only thanks to my cardiologist and my heart surgeon, Dr. Diena!

heartfelt thanks and from the heart!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

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I realize that is a wonderful reality

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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in December will be a year that she came into my life: the Cardioaspirina!
The three months of TAO (oral anticoagulant therapy) were hard for me and I could not wait to open the cardioaspirina.
that I've never had to follow that long-term therapy I found myself a slave to coumadin.
Every afternoon at 17 was a punishment and be able to get 1 / 4 of a tablet whole, it was a serious challenge. Not to mention the blood samples for the determination of the INR, which I have a very poor heritage venous surface ............
In December 2009 the cardiologist finally I suspended the oral anticoagulant therapy to begin with the long-awaited Cardioaspirina.
a day .... for a lifetime!
beginning that he was for "life" worried me, like an inconstant to me was a big commitment, but to which I should never have and I'll never escape! Today I can say that the
Cardioaspirina has become the best friend!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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pulmonary valve

is a long time now that I do not write more.
I have moved a little from my blog, especially after discovering that "lost" even the pulmonary valve.
I can not explain, but I felt a kind of rejection to all that was cardiology.
Now that I have softened the blow I'm still ready to continue to write and talk about what I feel, alive and, after being reborn from my second heart surgery.
My cardiologist did not speak of a re-operation, told me not to worry and I trust him blindly!
After a lot of anger, now I smile thinking about my timid pulmonary valve who had waited all this time intervention for sverlarsi. Courage
Valvoline, hold still for a long
, very long time!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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I love you forever .. Every Day Of Forever

Outside World, Summer 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Pain sternum

Many people ask what you can compare the pain that is felt in the sternum after surgery.
E 'intense pain, indescribable slowly disappearing.
I can not write lies, it hurts so much, but thanks to administer painkillers that you can stand it better!
As for me, since I was operated on, I still have the habit of keeping a hand in front sternum when they are in the midst of so many people. I am very afraid to put some elbow and feel pain at the thought.
When I was little I was told to come back after surgery, if someone approached, I walked away. Today I think that attitude was in defense of my sternum! I'm sure! Absolutely safe!

You have to have patience because then the pain is just a reminder that slowly you tend to forget finally!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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One year after the first visit

Today, April 6, 2010 exactly a year that I knew my heart surgeon, Dr. Marco Diena! It 'really was a lucky encounter, he saved my life, has improved the quality of my life and I will never cease to thank him!

THANKS Doctor, thank you !!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

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The beauty of being a mechanical valve cardiac

Well yes! I am really proud of my condition cardiopathic! I am happy to be born cardiopathic!
may seem absurd, paradoxical, but it's true!
I did not ever feel sick, I never felt different, even if many people around me treated me as such.
I feel special!
I have always lived peacefully this condition.
's me, so I was born, I could never see me in another context or without my scar! There is another me who is not cardiopathic!
The heart belongs to me, even if resolved surgically remains part of me and I'm proud! I never hated my heart, but I've always accepted, I got to know, to live with it, like with my scar. In being cardiac
find the courage to fight, from meaning to your life and you realize how important this is!
When you wake up in intensive care after surgery you feel within you a feeling of rebirth, you realize how wonderful all this and what is most important as it may seem trivial is that you feel ALIVE!
What I thought was: "I'm Alive, I'm really alive."
Some things in life are taken for granted, but they are absolutely and rediscover them, feel them and experience them is what a few!
What others think is unfortunate (born with a heart) is a great chance for us ....

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dedicate a part of my blog to the mechanical valve, before being misunderstood and pull me against the wrath of those who are disabled or that they implanted a daily basis.
I speak of my experience, I refer to my experience such as heart plastic surgery for complex mitral valve and tricuspid.
am of the opinion that even though he had saved his life would also welcome a mechanical valve! I'm not against mechanical valves, however, are more in favor, if possible, to repair a valve that lets you keep your valve without necessarily having to replace.
As far as I know, a mechanical valve makes you take life in the oral anticoagulant!
course I have to take it for three months after surgery, let alone forever! It was only 1 / 4 of pad per day, sometimes half, but I weighed, I ails the appointment of 17 with the anticoagulant and upsets me even more withdrawals on a weekly basis to review the progress of therapy through INR determination. Each time it was a tragedy for me and those who had to draw blood, since I have no veins!

Withdrawal bleeding then it's not like all others, must be done as God commands, must be level, otherwise it should be repeated because the results can be unpacked and those like me has no veins is really a great nuisance.
Take the anticoagulant in life seems to be contraindicated with pregnancy and let you think a girl of 30 years to have children one day? I could get them before they are made? Sure, but my situation cardiology will not let me, was a significant risk!
I thank God that I met Dr. Diena, otherwise I'm sure by now that I implanted a mechanical valve .... as for my mitral valve was tanned I'm sure!
The Cardioteam was my greatest fortune!
But sometimes, putting aside my enthusiasm for the outcome, I wonder .... and if I had discovered the existence of cardioteam after a valve replacement surgery? How would I react? Once implanted mechanical valve, you can not go back! You keep it!
It 's true that a mechanical valve lasts a lifetime, but the repair will last a lifetime and my quality of life improved significantly.
It distresses me to think that there are people that would solve everything with a repair, but they meet with the mechanical valve, simply because they knew of the existence!
A person may not have the right to know the reality of the techniques of cardiac surgery, before undergoing an operation and then be able to choose?
I do not want my thoughts to become a controversy, I repeat, are not absolutely opposed to mechanical valves, again, thank goodness, and I think there are useful where it is not possible to use the valve repair.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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quarter of the laundress

today with my sister I wanted to test your luck! After lunch, despite the sky invites us to stay at home, we took the scooter for a ride on ships, taking advantage to take some pictures in one of the most picturesque: the alley of the laundry (where a restaurant is very good plus) . But the rain and wind forced us to go home, just in time before the flood, we hope the sun shines again here in milan!

Today with my sister I Decided to Fight Against the faith! After the lunch, even if the sky Was Inviting us to stay at home, we Took the bike for Having a walk at the ships, taking the chance of shooting photos in Some a beautiful place : il vicolo della lavandaia ( where there is also a good good restaurant). However the rain and the wind obliged us to came back home, right in time for avoiding the Flood. I hope the sun returns to shine here in milan!

this was shooted by Giulio Bozzoni

I was wearing
poncho by onix
green dress by h&m
brown boots

Sunday, March 28, 2010

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grow cardiopathic

This is me! Many people and especially parents of children with heart disease, often ask me what I felt or that I remember my first heart surgery.
remember much and I can confidently say that it was the most important experience of my childhood!
I did not want to touch this subject, but I think it's important.

I believe that this intervention has created more problems for those around me rather than me !!!!!
must not turn a child in cardiac Bell Jar because it is protecting it from the vicissitudes of life that will grow by accepting his heart.
I had no medical restrictions, the operation had gone well and I could lead a normal life, yet I'm always been held in strenuous activities that appeared as the race.
Well yes! I liked and still likes to run! Running for me is to take flight! I ran fast, I would have liked to run, participate in races that were held in school, I dreamed to do so at a competitive level, but I have always stopped, cut the wings!
I always had a rebellious nature, and although at school I exclude from the year-end races, I ran on my own and I do not care about the "breath". I ran when I returned from school, ran up the stairs, when I went to do some errands. Every opportunity was good for racing! Sometimes I also running
in the 100-meter track at the stadium near my house! Running made me feel alive, made me forget the fact that he suffered a heart surgery!
Even if those around me my heart was a problem, for me it was not at all, it became when they tried to keep me away from everything that felt dangerous, but I have always rebelled with my whole being. I never hated my heart, but who made me feel different because of this!
children with heart disease have the will to live, want to live like other children in spite of the limitations that result in certain heart problems. No doubt they do not want to be reminded that were made or who can not do certain things, they know perfectly!!
I was annoyed when I remembered that I had been operated, when wearing a low-cut shirt and told me to cover me because you could see the scar! I was wondering ......"
ashamed to show that heart conditions? Think that people who see my scar? Or maybe they do not want to be pitied ?"..... I have not found answers to these questions I asked myself and I've never done anything to cover my scar! :-)
Eventually you get used so much that you forget to have it. Become a part of your body is as if we were born, you're part of you, such as arms, legs, eyes, she has always been and will continue to be there! This we
cardiac understand him, but those around us struggled a bit to realize it!
Psychologically I have always accepted my condition. Will strengthen you, you unconsciously conditioned to the point that every situation with such force that amaze yourself first! Become combative, this is an important and inevitable "I" marks, for better or for worse!