Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Sometimes I remain speechless listening to certain injustices that affect people with heart disease or those nearby.

It 's a shame ..... it sucks!
cardiac disease who are proud, let me just one consideration, not to let temperance, let me write things that would make it absolutely improper !!!!!!!! Many react to injustice
wishing to experience what it was before, but I will not wish it on anyone.

This is not because it's not nice to wish evil, but here the only evil is ignorance, stupidity and superificialità.
I do not feel absolutely certain to wish to subject the chance to try what suits you the fact of being born and living with a heart ......
I would not want any of them the joy of feeling reborn, of feeling alive and give meaning to their existence!

These are the privileges of us with heart disease!


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