Sunday, December 20, 2009

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I see you. Among the complications, the braids, the fears. I see you.

London, Saatchi Gallery, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Come I Get Diahrea In The Morning


I was wondering ..
Luke, but then, you've got the power?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fastest Point And Shoot With Flash 2010

Small world

Sunday, November 15 at the factory Nichi.

Baron: but you know that a friend of mine, who knows very well Tonio, had an accident right on the Molfetta, Terlizzi, and she is here with the collar.

Stordy: no I have not done on that road ... but .. when? Thursday? I saw it, I was behind, I rescued .. you know? where are you?

the very day after the accident she touched me ...

What Does Tango Mean In Military


To make the list of bad luck for 'time I can not do it,
every now and then I can think of one, and every day
there's a new one:

my car and my neck (buffer)
Marco's car (parked in plain not?)
Tonio's car (thank goodness we are disgusted)
maccina of the Difino ( just to follow the trail)
machine Mariarita to reverse (thrilling)
machines Angela and Ferdinand (some little fire here and there)

and the shop of Victor and Dominic .. theft without burglary!

and then the worst
the influence of Carmen when we needed (but is much better)
the ugly loss of Michael and Angela

to say nothing of couples without
Baron Baroness
and various other

ahhh Juliana lost their jobs

and remote controls?

Abbillina good you're gone .. already talked about the way ticket bad luck!

e. .. better if I did not think of any other ..

Friday, November 27, 2009

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Greg's Anatomy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Greetings Cards Themes For Men


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dorabackpack Look Alike

and if tomorrow

And if tomorrow was still all so?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Portable Power Supply Molex

Why you can not live and die as well.

I leave it all up.
Today there is a re-public Ruvo,
then I wanted to get here to tell you something cheerful, then I wanted to mess
, paste, pretend to create.

But the news of a boy of my age died at the hands of those who should guarantee justice,
impotence faced with the fact irreversible,
anger at the silence and the explanations given to the family,
the terror of having to be protected from those who kill us,
and tears ..
today lead me to tell you about Stephen.
And wondering. What can we do ??????

pubbici articles of "the background".
While clicking on the title you see the interview yesterday AnnoZero made to the sister of Stephen.

October 30, 2009
of Luca Telese

View photos of Stefano Cucchi, in writing, to the fact, and we are all speechless, astonished. It 'happened yesterday. It happens rarely, after years working in newspapers this feeling of petrification, of disgust, of physical discomfort. The desire to avoid the obligation of record, to look elsewhere. For News reporters should be such as disease for surgeons. Unfortunately or fortunately, is never so. Those photos we took them to the office, after the press conference of the family, Catherine Pernicone and Silvia D'Onghia, reconstructing a great little horror story, that of a boy who died after a crash. He was carrying 20 grams of drugs.

But now I look at the photo of Stefano Cucchi on the front page of our newspaper, a corpse lying on the table, like a broken marionette: thin, disjointed, almost skeletal, because Stephen was a junkie. What cuts the breath in my chest, though, is that this body is battered. Stefano Cucchi was arrested on the night 15 and 16 October. It 'died a week later. What happened in this time, nobody knows. There is a route, a small ordeal that has drawn the body in our judicial system and health: hospitals, courts, prison, morgue. Look at the corpse, and see that there are some signs: shock, beatings, the arches Tops livid, distorted, purple. E 'was shot? It 'been beaten? It seems hard to deny. But if there was an official explanation, at least everything would be more understandable. Well, no. The press official said: "cardiac arrest". When one dies, there is always a cardiac arrest except that, his body tells another story, it raises some questions. One is that Silvia has led to the police: "How is that possible?". The answer seems to comes from the script of a B movie: "The security cameras are not five star hotels." And the bruises to the eyes? "He had slept little."

But there are facts. The family was prevented from seeing the corpse. At the family lawyer Cucchi has not been granted the opportunity to attend the autopsy. The photos are just family you get to the funeral agency. Parliamentary questions, such as Mr Giachetti, have rained down on the benches of Deputies. Not even the minister Alfano has provided a coherent version, and even the minister Maroni criticized the decision to take away the family. Luigi Manconi - which for years through his association "A good law" deals with justice and prison - along with his mother explained to Stephen that "the signs of violence are undeniable." It 's true.

View this picture and ask whether it should be published and why. We talk a lot in writing, everyone. We know that many will be upset. We are troubled, too. But in the end we decided that should be published. For many reasons: firstly because we are convinced that the readers are not children of the unwary: if we have seen us (and we thought of things), they too must see them (and think of things). And then even simpler reason: those photos are a cruel question, not only for the Carabinieri or ministers, but for all of us. If a mother decides to show his son reduced to a skeleton crucified, it is because those questions must be answered. Only then can return the puppet to be the decomposed body of a boy.

October 30, 2009
of Vitantonio Lopez

The security camera of a "police station is certainly not the most comfortable place" to spend the night. So the company commander of the carabinieri Stefano Cucchi explains why he arrived in court with black eyes. Where, however, provides, "no had nothing to say. " After that night in the barracks, the day in court and one in jail, ended up in a hospital bed, he agonized for five days and died with his parents kept out of the door, without being able to see, without knowing of his condition. Had it not been for the mother's years-long battle, little or nothing would be well known on the death of Federico Aldrovandi, killed by blows to 19 years on the street by four police officers. And Aldo Bass, a carpenter of 44 years, stopped for a while 'marijuana and found dead in cell thirty-six hours later. When you ask for Fred, Aldo, Stefano, are you always respond in stopping that, in prison, the rules have been complied with, that the procedures are as follows. 'S why, to break this wall of cynical indifference that parents and sister Stephanie had to give us those photos. We have put under the eyes that face, that body beaten and we show them to you because there is no law, rule or procedure that can justify it. Why you can not live and die as well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Master Of Defence Knive

re-public art festival is all you know

ri-public art festival
re-public art festival
originally uploaded by Deborah a StORdyta .

Re-Public Art is the first festival Puglia wholly inspired theme of creative recycling.

Re-Public Art is a traveling show made up of creative workshops, workshops, exhibitions, events and creative performances, environmental education, communication campaigns and social networking.

The village of Ri-Public Art and will travel in the months diottobre November 2009 through the cities of Andria, Barletta, Bisceglie, Canosa di Puglia, Corato, Molfetta, Ruvo di Puglia, Terlizzi, Trani.

How To Instal Europe Map On My Garmin Gps

Now that the PC has recovered
I go to work .. I reread

resume to rewrite
pensado'm a bit 'to reinvent
this "re" or "king" as a preposition is very present in my life today. I

decided to devote the afternoon to read and write

and evenings to do with this but the afternoons are very very difficult

Now I go and come back with good intentions

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Short Engagement Sayings Butterfly


"mom look what I've got behind the 'ear, a pimple? "
"perhaps ... but it is strange, does not look like a pungina"

Oh how nice ... how long did not feel especially used the term "pungina.

The great thing about coming home!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bas Vampire 2009 Cricket Bats

And if Toto was alive ..?

do you mean, what would he say such people would interpret such lines spoken?
How I would like to see it now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cervical Mucus Chunky

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dr Michael Prytula Reviews

DISCOVER The Intruder ...

March 24, 2008, Bisceglie, Puglia. (Back from the Dolmen Chianca)