Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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quarter of the laundress

today with my sister I wanted to test your luck! After lunch, despite the sky invites us to stay at home, we took the scooter for a ride on ships, taking advantage to take some pictures in one of the most picturesque: the alley of the laundry (where a restaurant is very good plus) . But the rain and wind forced us to go home, just in time before the flood, we hope the sun shines again here in milan!

Today with my sister I Decided to Fight Against the faith! After the lunch, even if the sky Was Inviting us to stay at home, we Took the bike for Having a walk at the ships, taking the chance of shooting photos in Some a beautiful place : il vicolo della lavandaia ( where there is also a good good restaurant). However the rain and the wind obliged us to came back home, right in time for avoiding the Flood. I hope the sun returns to shine here in milan!

this was shooted by Giulio Bozzoni

I was wearing
poncho by onix
green dress by h&m
brown boots

Sunday, March 28, 2010

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grow cardiopathic

This is me! Many people and especially parents of children with heart disease, often ask me what I felt or that I remember my first heart surgery.
remember much and I can confidently say that it was the most important experience of my childhood!
I did not want to touch this subject, but I think it's important.

I believe that this intervention has created more problems for those around me rather than me !!!!!
must not turn a child in cardiac Bell Jar because it is protecting it from the vicissitudes of life that will grow by accepting his heart.
I had no medical restrictions, the operation had gone well and I could lead a normal life, yet I'm always been held in strenuous activities that appeared as the race.
Well yes! I liked and still likes to run! Running for me is to take flight! I ran fast, I would have liked to run, participate in races that were held in school, I dreamed to do so at a competitive level, but I have always stopped, cut the wings!
I always had a rebellious nature, and although at school I exclude from the year-end races, I ran on my own and I do not care about the "breath". I ran when I returned from school, ran up the stairs, when I went to do some errands. Every opportunity was good for racing! Sometimes I also running
in the 100-meter track at the stadium near my house! Running made me feel alive, made me forget the fact that he suffered a heart surgery!
Even if those around me my heart was a problem, for me it was not at all, it became when they tried to keep me away from everything that felt dangerous, but I have always rebelled with my whole being. I never hated my heart, but who made me feel different because of this!
children with heart disease have the will to live, want to live like other children in spite of the limitations that result in certain heart problems. No doubt they do not want to be reminded that were made or who can not do certain things, they know perfectly!!
I was annoyed when I remembered that I had been operated, when wearing a low-cut shirt and told me to cover me because you could see the scar! I was wondering ......"
ashamed to show that heart conditions? Think that people who see my scar? Or maybe they do not want to be pitied ?"..... I have not found answers to these questions I asked myself and I've never done anything to cover my scar! :-)
Eventually you get used so much that you forget to have it. Become a part of your body is as if we were born, you're part of you, such as arms, legs, eyes, she has always been and will continue to be there! This we
cardiac understand him, but those around us struggled a bit to realize it!
Psychologically I have always accepted my condition. Will strengthen you, you unconsciously conditioned to the point that every situation with such force that amaze yourself first! Become combative, this is an important and inevitable "I" marks, for better or for worse!

Friday, March 26, 2010

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My heart surgeon

My heart surgeon, Dr. Marco Diena, for me is the best heart surgeon who had never been able to meet! He showed me the
best gift we could wish for a heart condition! Has brought new life to my heart and the ability to function as a normal heart!

What a heart-function test for his heart surgeon is something deep, powerful, indescribable, you feel a tremendous gratitude, unquantifiable, and so long as my heart will beat his last stroke!

When I see Dr. Diena, the heart starts beating very strong, I feel as if wishing to go out and hug him, kiss his hand, thank him, my heart has remained the image of the man who saved him!

If I were asked what I would say to Dr Diena, I would stay a little embarrassed because I can not find the right words to make him feel the immense gratitude, as his remarks on my heart has been important, vital and brilliant for its complete success!

When I think of all this I am reminded of the phrase: "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."


Monday, March 22, 2010

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the rain over the city ...

sometimes wandering around the sites of our blogger fashion I oufit and photos that inspire me in particular, suffered the huge save in a folder now called "ispiration.
Today should be the second day of spring and in Milan it's raining, the sky is gray, not metereopatica but today the weather makes me very sad, and even though I plan to do a shopping tour in the afternoon I chose a house to accommodate a some clutter that has accumulated and continue to seek new ideas for my sets.

Inspired by quell'outfit raised if mistake during the fashion week in Paris, I opted for the classic all star red (to give some color) and gray stretch jeans especially comfortable to sit five hours at school, with my new hot sweat of hard-rock cafe now taken a month ago in Copenhagen. To give a chic touch I could not resist putting my long gray jacket comfortable and stylish.

Sometimes going through fashion sites of Our fashion bloggers Usually I found photos and outfits Which inspired me, I know I save Them into a briefcase, now it is very huge, named "inspiration"
Today Might Have Been the second spring day, But here in milan is a rainy day, and the ski is gray, I am not an
influenced by the weather But today it made me a little bit sad, and even if I had planned to go out for shopping this afternoon, I decided to stay at home for riorganazing my room mess and finding new locations for my sets.
Inspired by this outfit, which was weared if I am not making a mistake during the paris fashion week, I decided for red classic all star ( just for giving some colour) and grey jeans, comfortable for 5 hours sitting at school, with my new warmer hooded sweater by hard rock cafe from copenhagen. At last, for making this outfit a little bit chic I choose my long grey man jacket, suitable and elegant.

I was wearing long gray jacket by my mum
from hard-rock cafe copenhagen sweater
gray jeans from zara
red flowered all star

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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woman when I take care of those who love .... and pardon those who kill me ...

Belgaum, one of the most beautiful parks and characteristics of Milan. Many are the places to capture, once I get a moment of time I'm going to shoot again.
After this week I will have about 10 days to "relax" just a little time to devote to me, rearrange the ideas and loaded for the final sprint toward maturity. Then devote some time to new services, I have some locations in mind and with my faithful friend I'm Cercado to give life to these ideas for Easter I hope to achieve them all: D
hours to load one of the sets that I love most, particularly the feelings and emotions that I forward, I hope you like it too

Belgaum, one of the Most Beautiful park and characteristic of Milan. There are a lot of places must be shooted Which, as soon as I will have some free time I would go there for taking other.
When Would Be Over this week I am going to Have 10 days of pure relaxation, the right time for taking care of me, my ideas riorganazing charging myself and my goal for the last school-leaving certificate. Some I would use of my spare time for new sets, for easter I hope IU can realize all of them :D
As now I upload one of the most loved by me set, most of all for feelings and emotions
I hope you will enjoy it

I was wearing
H&M black short dress
tartan rainy boots
beige trench by zara
hand band by h&m

Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Fallen in love with my new clogs

I finally managed to find one of you must have this season, hooves!
Total occasions of a shop in Conegliano me know about them I could not escape, some are a bit special, but the fur makes them unique, even if a little out of season.

Finally I succeded in finding one of the must haves of this season, the clogs!
Found on the occasion of a conegliano's little shop, I can not resist buying from Them, They of course are a little particular, But The batteries Makes Them If They can be unique even if out season.

As I said in my previous post I took these pictures in my grandparents' house in Veneto, and I usually just throw them in search of specific items in attic, among the things "vintage" that belonged to my mother or even grandmother. An example is this fabulous mutton, which I immediately fell in love and I could not resist to "steal"

As I just HAD Said the previous post I shooted those photos in my granparents home in veneto;
here, I am used to jump into the research of special suits, among the vintage stuff which was of my mother or also of my grandmother.
An example is this faboulous ram with which I suddenly fell in love and I can't resist from "stole" it.

I was wearing
my new clogs
levi's jeans
H&m brown t-shirt
cashmire brown sweater
my grandma ram

Sunday, March 14, 2010

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scent of home

Finalmente after a few months I managed to get back to my maternal grandparents, unfortunately we live far away Conegliano Milan veramenta time, and with all the various commitments, school and the little time you see them and not five times a year this weekend was
a must, however: my grandfather was 80 years old!
is one of my reference figures, a special person to me, that brought me up and made part of who I am, always present even with only one call, he knows everything about me, his granddaughter. I'm proud of him, to have a grandfather and bungling bigwigs, from whom I got 100%
these photos were taken over in the garden of my grandparents, also near the abandoned houses, a place for this but the total decay caratteristico, adatto per le mie foto.

Finally,after few months I succeded in coming back to my grandparents; we can see each other 5 times at last because the schools,the engagements...

This week end was very important: my granpa turn 80 years old!
he is one of the most important person, he's special, he grew me up and contributed to make me who I am. he has ever been present,even only with a call, he knows everything of me, of his little nephew. I am proud of him, of having a bungler and stubburn grandpa, from whom I took at 100%
those photos were taken not only in my granparents garden but also near some abondonated houses, a decaying place , but for this reason characteristic, perfect for my shoots

this is the beautiful scenery of the garden of my grandparents' house where I learned to cammianare with Valerie, their dog
this is the beautiful garden of my grandparents's home where I learnt how to walk with valentina, Their dog

but she is my little dog, Tiffany, for a few years from their lives
INSTEAD she is my little dog, Tiffany, who has Been leaving from Some years here

I was wearing
man like brown tartan jacket by Zara
beige dress from somewhere in milan
brown high heels by Mark
by tiffany jewelery