Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Fallen in love with my new clogs

I finally managed to find one of you must have this season, hooves!
Total occasions of a shop in Conegliano me know about them I could not escape, some are a bit special, but the fur makes them unique, even if a little out of season.

Finally I succeded in finding one of the must haves of this season, the clogs!
Found on the occasion of a conegliano's little shop, I can not resist buying from Them, They of course are a little particular, But The batteries Makes Them If They can be unique even if out season.

As I said in my previous post I took these pictures in my grandparents' house in Veneto, and I usually just throw them in search of specific items in attic, among the things "vintage" that belonged to my mother or even grandmother. An example is this fabulous mutton, which I immediately fell in love and I could not resist to "steal"

As I just HAD Said the previous post I shooted those photos in my granparents home in veneto;
here, I am used to jump into the research of special suits, among the vintage stuff which was of my mother or also of my grandmother.
An example is this faboulous ram with which I suddenly fell in love and I can't resist from "stole" it.

I was wearing
my new clogs
levi's jeans
H&m brown t-shirt
cashmire brown sweater
my grandma ram


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