Sunday, March 14, 2010

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scent of home

Finalmente after a few months I managed to get back to my maternal grandparents, unfortunately we live far away Conegliano Milan veramenta time, and with all the various commitments, school and the little time you see them and not five times a year this weekend was
a must, however: my grandfather was 80 years old!
is one of my reference figures, a special person to me, that brought me up and made part of who I am, always present even with only one call, he knows everything about me, his granddaughter. I'm proud of him, to have a grandfather and bungling bigwigs, from whom I got 100%
these photos were taken over in the garden of my grandparents, also near the abandoned houses, a place for this but the total decay caratteristico, adatto per le mie foto.

Finally,after few months I succeded in coming back to my grandparents; we can see each other 5 times at last because the schools,the engagements...

This week end was very important: my granpa turn 80 years old!
he is one of the most important person, he's special, he grew me up and contributed to make me who I am. he has ever been present,even only with a call, he knows everything of me, of his little nephew. I am proud of him, of having a bungler and stubburn grandpa, from whom I took at 100%
those photos were taken not only in my granparents garden but also near some abondonated houses, a decaying place , but for this reason characteristic, perfect for my shoots

this is the beautiful scenery of the garden of my grandparents' house where I learned to cammianare with Valerie, their dog
this is the beautiful garden of my grandparents's home where I learnt how to walk with valentina, Their dog

but she is my little dog, Tiffany, for a few years from their lives
INSTEAD she is my little dog, Tiffany, who has Been leaving from Some years here

I was wearing
man like brown tartan jacket by Zara
beige dress from somewhere in milan
brown high heels by Mark
by tiffany jewelery


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