Sunday, March 21, 2010

How A Camera Works Diagram Simple

woman when I take care of those who love .... and pardon those who kill me ...

Belgaum, one of the most beautiful parks and characteristics of Milan. Many are the places to capture, once I get a moment of time I'm going to shoot again.
After this week I will have about 10 days to "relax" just a little time to devote to me, rearrange the ideas and loaded for the final sprint toward maturity. Then devote some time to new services, I have some locations in mind and with my faithful friend I'm Cercado to give life to these ideas for Easter I hope to achieve them all: D
hours to load one of the sets that I love most, particularly the feelings and emotions that I forward, I hope you like it too

Belgaum, one of the Most Beautiful park and characteristic of Milan. There are a lot of places must be shooted Which, as soon as I will have some free time I would go there for taking other.
When Would Be Over this week I am going to Have 10 days of pure relaxation, the right time for taking care of me, my ideas riorganazing charging myself and my goal for the last school-leaving certificate. Some I would use of my spare time for new sets, for easter I hope IU can realize all of them :D
As now I upload one of the most loved by me set, most of all for feelings and emotions
I hope you will enjoy it

I was wearing
H&M black short dress
tartan rainy boots
beige trench by zara
hand band by h&m


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