Monday, March 22, 2010

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the rain over the city ...

sometimes wandering around the sites of our blogger fashion I oufit and photos that inspire me in particular, suffered the huge save in a folder now called "ispiration.
Today should be the second day of spring and in Milan it's raining, the sky is gray, not metereopatica but today the weather makes me very sad, and even though I plan to do a shopping tour in the afternoon I chose a house to accommodate a some clutter that has accumulated and continue to seek new ideas for my sets.

Inspired by quell'outfit raised if mistake during the fashion week in Paris, I opted for the classic all star red (to give some color) and gray stretch jeans especially comfortable to sit five hours at school, with my new hot sweat of hard-rock cafe now taken a month ago in Copenhagen. To give a chic touch I could not resist putting my long gray jacket comfortable and stylish.

Sometimes going through fashion sites of Our fashion bloggers Usually I found photos and outfits Which inspired me, I know I save Them into a briefcase, now it is very huge, named "inspiration"
Today Might Have Been the second spring day, But here in milan is a rainy day, and the ski is gray, I am not an
influenced by the weather But today it made me a little bit sad, and even if I had planned to go out for shopping this afternoon, I decided to stay at home for riorganazing my room mess and finding new locations for my sets.
Inspired by this outfit, which was weared if I am not making a mistake during the paris fashion week, I decided for red classic all star ( just for giving some colour) and grey jeans, comfortable for 5 hours sitting at school, with my new warmer hooded sweater by hard rock cafe from copenhagen. At last, for making this outfit a little bit chic I choose my long grey man jacket, suitable and elegant.

I was wearing long gray jacket by my mum
from hard-rock cafe copenhagen sweater
gray jeans from zara
red flowered all star


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