Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does Crest Vivid White Toothpaste Work


did not go as I thought but oh well at least tomorrow I will get up an hour later.
Tonight I just sleep. And to be honest I did not even have people around. I barely even led to Molfetta: my eyes closed. The program was dining in my home turf, and put me here to read a bit 'of your post (which I do less and less, the time is short, I do some little things my own, and do well while others tell you "and always 're computer was not even too nice). I too then the computer is really a joke: I work all day, I leave the house at 8 and do not come back before 21:30, the only time I feel the PC is just in the evening. And I do so much more. My day off is a drama are so many things I should do that and I would end up constantly to make not even a half: I do not know where to start, given that earlier, what to include and what to exclude. And I'm in bed with all his might to brood. Not to mention the fact that my day off on time starts and ends with a headache. That beard. I do not really like my life so much. But you know: it's up to me straighten it. Scarabochcio little: many ideas when I have time and then I sit at the table working e. .. And so with the blog: so much to say and tell and share and when it finally I start the pc ... Not to mention the books I've abandoned for almost a year now. And I do not like their own. The life of a hotel at the bottom allowed me to dedicate myself to the things they wanted most: myself.
course in the end, safe indeed, much better.
And tonight I had the great idea to challenge my father buraco. The result is that I lost, my eyes are closed more and more, I scribbled, I have not read your stuff (and that is what some of my favorite blogs I can not even comment on them makes me feel powerless), and are hour came in the room where I would already be in the arms of Morpheus for a while.
grease breakfast tomorrow morning at 8:30 with my new friend I have to adjust the slide!
Then there will be my day off, and I assure you that the thought of organizing a vacuum as usual depresses me. There must be a dentist ... but there will be Francy.
How nice.
And you can have a child under these circumstances?
But no, better not. After all, who knows if they want more.

Goodnight dreamers.


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