Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adald Film Kumari Kanya

grow cardiopathic

This is me! Many people and especially parents of children with heart disease, often ask me what I felt or that I remember my first heart surgery.
remember much and I can confidently say that it was the most important experience of my childhood!
I did not want to touch this subject, but I think it's important.

I believe that this intervention has created more problems for those around me rather than me !!!!!
must not turn a child in cardiac Bell Jar because it is protecting it from the vicissitudes of life that will grow by accepting his heart.
I had no medical restrictions, the operation had gone well and I could lead a normal life, yet I'm always been held in strenuous activities that appeared as the race.
Well yes! I liked and still likes to run! Running for me is to take flight! I ran fast, I would have liked to run, participate in races that were held in school, I dreamed to do so at a competitive level, but I have always stopped, cut the wings!
I always had a rebellious nature, and although at school I exclude from the year-end races, I ran on my own and I do not care about the "breath". I ran when I returned from school, ran up the stairs, when I went to do some errands. Every opportunity was good for racing! Sometimes I also running
in the 100-meter track at the stadium near my house! Running made me feel alive, made me forget the fact that he suffered a heart surgery!
Even if those around me my heart was a problem, for me it was not at all, it became when they tried to keep me away from everything that felt dangerous, but I have always rebelled with my whole being. I never hated my heart, but who made me feel different because of this!
children with heart disease have the will to live, want to live like other children in spite of the limitations that result in certain heart problems. No doubt they do not want to be reminded that were made or who can not do certain things, they know perfectly!!
I was annoyed when I remembered that I had been operated, when wearing a low-cut shirt and told me to cover me because you could see the scar! I was wondering ......"
ashamed to show that heart conditions? Think that people who see my scar? Or maybe they do not want to be pitied ?"..... I have not found answers to these questions I asked myself and I've never done anything to cover my scar! :-)
Eventually you get used so much that you forget to have it. Become a part of your body is as if we were born, you're part of you, such as arms, legs, eyes, she has always been and will continue to be there! This we
cardiac understand him, but those around us struggled a bit to realize it!
Psychologically I have always accepted my condition. Will strengthen you, you unconsciously conditioned to the point that every situation with such force that amaze yourself first! Become combative, this is an important and inevitable "I" marks, for better or for worse!


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