Monday, November 30, 2009

What Does Tango Mean In Military


To make the list of bad luck for 'time I can not do it,
every now and then I can think of one, and every day
there's a new one:

my car and my neck (buffer)
Marco's car (parked in plain not?)
Tonio's car (thank goodness we are disgusted)
maccina of the Difino ( just to follow the trail)
machine Mariarita to reverse (thrilling)
machines Angela and Ferdinand (some little fire here and there)

and the shop of Victor and Dominic .. theft without burglary!

and then the worst
the influence of Carmen when we needed (but is much better)
the ugly loss of Michael and Angela

to say nothing of couples without
Baron Baroness
and various other

ahhh Juliana lost their jobs

and remote controls?

Abbillina good you're gone .. already talked about the way ticket bad luck!

e. .. better if I did not think of any other ..


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