Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dark Stools In Ketosis


Here I am! I finally manage to find some time to write.
Yesterday I went to check-in Novara from my heart surgeon, Dr. Marco Diena!
The heart is well, the operation succeeded perfectly and I'm excited!!
In the waiting room I noticed the tension of those waiting for a pre-intervention .... and I realized how important it is for us to know what will happen to us with heart disease, listen to the experience of those who have passed before us and not just what the doctor tells us that without doubt is what we want more! Fear accompanies us during the hospital stay in cardiac surgery, but no brakes
We are a "race" curious! We want to know what to expect, we want to know if and how much pain we feel, we want to know any particular to be ready for anything!
I like facing life with heart disease because of chest! :-)
This photo I took in a little mountain is my rebirth, in fact, from September 10, 2009 along the path of my life is back to shine the sun!


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