Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Preserve Newspaper Pouch

history of a heart angry

This story is not born by chance, but it's part of my experience after the surgery ....

Once upon a time a few years ago, a heart patient who, however, despite the disease that afflicted him, he continued to work undaunted and never backing down in any way.
was always ready and available as long as the his condition did not constitute a burden to those around him.
Many feared him, having believed that his condition would not be able to fulfill its duties, but the little heart showed the opposite.
came a day that became worse and, unfortunately, had to undergo an operation to cure his disease.
This intervention, although he managed very well, the costrise not undergo the same effort as before.
Since that day, some around him began to consider the negative, treated him as a burden, and made him feel too disappointed because my heart was no longer remembered what he had done before worsening. The heart despite
very angry and outraged by the situation, resigned to his situation, he accepted and took teaching.
His health was more important than the conquest and from that day would not have done anything to compromise or to please anyone, because who cares, accepts you for who you are today and what will be tomorrow.


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