Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is It Ok To Work Every Muscle Everyday

Remember a year ago .... Tachycardia

Monday I shall see Dr. Diena, my heart surgeon and I am very excited.
I'll do the visit after the first year of operation, then, if all goes well, I'll just do cardiological controls.
If all goes well from the cardiac surgeon means that I may face other actions ... and I hope that my pulmonary valve does not make me jokes !!!!!!
The thought of going back under the knife gives me anxiety.
Sometimes I remember the fear when they were drainage or take off "points of the heart" that in the end I cut because it is a reoperation feared to break his heart. It seems impossible that this could happen, but is precisely the justification that has given me the heart surgeon who gave them to me removed.
When he removed the drains to keep from crying or laughing because I laughed maybe
I was really scared and really I had not felt so bad.
Maybe I laughed because that Sept. 13, the day when I removed the drainage also went out of intensive care.
It 's been a year, but the memory of this experience is always alive inside of me !
last week and came to see me in the lab, my neighbor beds
Veruno, the rehabilitation center. When she left I was moved,
I held back the tears, but my thinking was in those days.
As they were hard, were also the most important days of my life
and they will always carry in my heart!


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