Monday, April 5, 2010

Dive Case For Leica Cameras

dedicate a part of my blog to the mechanical valve, before being misunderstood and pull me against the wrath of those who are disabled or that they implanted a daily basis.
I speak of my experience, I refer to my experience such as heart plastic surgery for complex mitral valve and tricuspid.
am of the opinion that even though he had saved his life would also welcome a mechanical valve! I'm not against mechanical valves, however, are more in favor, if possible, to repair a valve that lets you keep your valve without necessarily having to replace.
As far as I know, a mechanical valve makes you take life in the oral anticoagulant!
course I have to take it for three months after surgery, let alone forever! It was only 1 / 4 of pad per day, sometimes half, but I weighed, I ails the appointment of 17 with the anticoagulant and upsets me even more withdrawals on a weekly basis to review the progress of therapy through INR determination. Each time it was a tragedy for me and those who had to draw blood, since I have no veins!

Withdrawal bleeding then it's not like all others, must be done as God commands, must be level, otherwise it should be repeated because the results can be unpacked and those like me has no veins is really a great nuisance.
Take the anticoagulant in life seems to be contraindicated with pregnancy and let you think a girl of 30 years to have children one day? I could get them before they are made? Sure, but my situation cardiology will not let me, was a significant risk!
I thank God that I met Dr. Diena, otherwise I'm sure by now that I implanted a mechanical valve .... as for my mitral valve was tanned I'm sure!
The Cardioteam was my greatest fortune!
But sometimes, putting aside my enthusiasm for the outcome, I wonder .... and if I had discovered the existence of cardioteam after a valve replacement surgery? How would I react? Once implanted mechanical valve, you can not go back! You keep it!
It 's true that a mechanical valve lasts a lifetime, but the repair will last a lifetime and my quality of life improved significantly.
It distresses me to think that there are people that would solve everything with a repair, but they meet with the mechanical valve, simply because they knew of the existence!
A person may not have the right to know the reality of the techniques of cardiac surgery, before undergoing an operation and then be able to choose?
I do not want my thoughts to become a controversy, I repeat, are not absolutely opposed to mechanical valves, again, thank goodness, and I think there are useful where it is not possible to use the valve repair.


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