Monday, April 5, 2010

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The beauty of being a mechanical valve cardiac

Well yes! I am really proud of my condition cardiopathic! I am happy to be born cardiopathic!
may seem absurd, paradoxical, but it's true!
I did not ever feel sick, I never felt different, even if many people around me treated me as such.
I feel special!
I have always lived peacefully this condition.
's me, so I was born, I could never see me in another context or without my scar! There is another me who is not cardiopathic!
The heart belongs to me, even if resolved surgically remains part of me and I'm proud! I never hated my heart, but I've always accepted, I got to know, to live with it, like with my scar. In being cardiac
find the courage to fight, from meaning to your life and you realize how important this is!
When you wake up in intensive care after surgery you feel within you a feeling of rebirth, you realize how wonderful all this and what is most important as it may seem trivial is that you feel ALIVE!
What I thought was: "I'm Alive, I'm really alive."
Some things in life are taken for granted, but they are absolutely and rediscover them, feel them and experience them is what a few!
What others think is unfortunate (born with a heart) is a great chance for us ....


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