Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Lien A Boat, Fl


in December will be a year that she came into my life: the Cardioaspirina!
The three months of TAO (oral anticoagulant therapy) were hard for me and I could not wait to open the cardioaspirina.
that I've never had to follow that long-term therapy I found myself a slave to coumadin.
Every afternoon at 17 was a punishment and be able to get 1 / 4 of a tablet whole, it was a serious challenge. Not to mention the blood samples for the determination of the INR, which I have a very poor heritage venous surface ............
In December 2009 the cardiologist finally I suspended the oral anticoagulant therapy to begin with the long-awaited Cardioaspirina.
a day .... for a lifetime!
beginning that he was for "life" worried me, like an inconstant to me was a big commitment, but to which I should never have and I'll never escape! Today I can say that the
Cardioaspirina has become the best friend!


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