Saturday, February 27, 2010

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The Milan hidden and forgotten

One of the first sunny days in Milan, the study time, but as not to give in to the heat that enters your veins!?
choose a spring outfit, helmet and keys nikon above and away towards the first exploration of the great
Cristina Milan a few days ago I brought this initiative
arrive in a tangle of small streets hidden from the great palaces that conceal almost characteristic views seem to be thrown around forty years ago, all this behind corso Magenta, ma la parte letteraria la lascio alla vera scrittrice...

One of the first sunny day in Milan, the study is so much, but how resist to the warm entering in your veins?!
I choose for a spring outfit, crash helmet, keys and most of all nikon and gooo to the first esploration of the big Milano with Cristina who proposed me this initiative few days ago
we arrived to a tangle of little streets hidden by big palaces which conceals characterist shortens that seems to be ejected to 40 years ago, all of it behind corso Magenta, but the written part is cristina bussiness, the real writer...

she is Cristina

ME :
levi's jeans
h&m striped blouse
vintage beige cardigan
zara beige trench
high heels by marco
burberry classic bag


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