Monday, February 22, 2010

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This is me!

Here I am in the world of bloggers!
Finally after days of doubt and second thoughts, I decided to open what would become my little virtual world.
will be photos, as always, to represent him, followed by words, most of the time without a logical crowded that day blending into my head.
witness to my student days in china on the books that always bored lately are aumnetando excessively in view of maturity, but also my madness that characterize my leisure time in Milan that I hope never end. And finally, travel diaries can be, well then you are a lover of the world, e come tale, grazie a mio padre che mi ha trasmesso questa passione, giro il più possibile immortalando ogni istante,ogni particolare, praticamente tutto ciò che mi circonda.
Spero possa piacere a tutti voi !

Here I am in the blogger world
at Last,after days of doubts and second thoughts, I resolved to open that one which would became my little virtual world.
Photos, as always,wuold rapresented it, followed by words, almost always pilled up without a logical sense,which every day whisk in my little brain.
They would testify my bored studying days (my school.leaving certificate is very close), but also my madnesses which characterize my milanese free time ( I hope they wouldn't finish). At last, my posts could be my voyage diary, oh yes I am a world lover, so, thanks to my father who passed on me this passion, I travel as much as I can immortalizing evry moment, every detail, pratically every thing sorrounded me.
I hope you would like, and enjoy it!



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