Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gowin!the Football Forecasterdeluxeedition 2010


These days I did infermierina. The lintel carton has decided to take the flu. Without much of a fever, but the man was just down. He spent 2 days in bed, making cure and poison me. Yesterday I made a sauce of carrots. Or at least I've got tried, but it seems that the simple experiment has not been properly managed. And oh well holidays are a bit 'of experiments they do. That's after my first two days of leave at home in semi-farm influence myself. Today, the lintel has decided to quit. And a little later, 'just the cook Difino has finished preparing lunch, we leave for Nola. Will be three of the lintel and stay here to recover the lost work. I could create quiz: Who will be my two traveling companions?
But no matter. Matter after a while 'I shall see Lucariello. and this gives me much joy.
At work, my crises, my disappointments, my not make it more to make what I do with my not being able to build a future if you do not straighten this .. here's to all of this I will think again when the leave will end. For now I've got 5 more days. And the week end-stage semi romantic escape not already attracts me.

But I wrote in that language??


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