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Youth Hostels - General Presentation
Among the various forms of the existing accommodation Youth Hostels are definitely the favorite of young people looking for accommodation at reasonable prices. Particularly appreciated the opportunity to stay in dignity with little expense and the opportunity to meet new people, possibly foreign, which make new friendships. There are, of course, all the amenities you can offer a pension or a hotel, but it does not matter: just have a bit of a spirit of adaptation. Moreover, despite being commonly referred to as youth hostels, they are actually open to everyone. In a number of hostels are also Family rooms available at reasonable prices compared to other types of accommodation.

The first youth hostel was founded in Germany in 1909 by Richard Schirrmann. Schirrmann was a German teacher who organized frequent trips and excursions with his students. During a trip, a sudden storm forced him and his group of students to take shelter in a school. It was then that Schirrmann was born the idea of \u200b\u200bhosting groups of students in schools closed for summer holidays. The beginning was very successful, and already 30 years happens to be looking over two thousand youth hostels in Germany. The idea quickly spread to the rest of Europe and, after an international conference held in 1932 the movement began to spread to stain dolio in the United States and in several other countries. She was born the International Federation of Youth Hostels, with the aim of involving all the structures offering cheap beds for young people. Over time, the concept of hostel has evolved adapting to the needs of modern times, and now the Hostels host visitors of all ages, providing contemporanemante affordable and good quality service, with the feature to offer a unique and fascinating, very different from that of normal hotel, particularly popular with young people. If you book in

Travelers who decide to stay in hostels are a very particular type of customer, a specific term in English else to call them backpackers, which could be translated more or less as "sleeping bag" but actually refers to 'ubiquitous large backpack, a true "symbol" of the lifestyle of most regular patrons of the hostels. They are usually young people who travel for long periods, carrying the minimum required to travel, since the luggage may be weighed and dostacolo in many situations. Travellers are "low budget" moving moving train, bus or hitchhiking, and tend to travel with little money and attentive unocchio cost, because it can mean saving some € unaltra visit the city and extend your trip. The patrons of the hostels are different from the normal traveler: do not just see the sights of the cities they visit, but have the desire to discover and learn about the lifestyle of the host country, meet new people and establish relationships. Many of them, especially those coming from countries as far away as Australia and New Zealand, have taken a whole year "sabbatical" to see the world.

The difference between hotels and hostels
Daily Dodgy hostels offering is very diverse, each with different characteristics. There are hostels that look like normal hotels, some are something completely different. In any case, the main feature that differs from the hostels hotel is that the latter offer only private rooms, while the former also offer the opportunity to sleep in simple beds, in rooms that can vary from 4 to 20 and more beds. The dorms can be small or large, for women only, men only or mixed, but this particular means, however, sleep in shared rooms with people who do not know (yet). Although many hostels are close to the stands of the hotel, offering also private rooms with adjoining services, the atmosphere of the hostels is certainly very different from that of a normal hotel and, of course, the atmosphere remains the dominant characteristic root. While the hotel is limited to providing its customers with a convenient and comfortable place to spend the night, the hostels have unatmosfera much more than "community", as it often ends up sharing with other guests not only the room but also the the breakfast table, washing machines, and so on. Many hostels organize parties and trips, and many also have a bar where guests can meet and make friends. In a hostel is much easier to relate to and to speak to strangers exchange tips, information, opinions and viewpoints. Ultimately, hostels are a good place to establish new relationships and learn new friends, and to meet and discuss with people from other countries and cultures, who might know the city where you are much better than you and can give good directions on where to go in the evening, what to do and see.

The difference between beds and private rooms
A dormitory is a room with several beds - often at the castle - all of which can be booked separately by a customer of the hostel. The room is then shared by several people who did not know before. Depending on the hostel, a dormitory may have from 4 to 20 or more beds, some hostels are dormitory divided by sex, while others have mixed dorms. This type of arrangement tends to cheaper than a private room and requires greater adaptability and flexibility, as the roommates may have hours, customs and habits different. But the situation is often very interesting, because it facilitates the socialization between people. If you share a room with someone, it is often easier to break the ice because there unabbondanza of topics to start a conversation. The dorms were the most common type of room in most hostels until a few years ago. For some years now, adapting to the times and the emergence of new demands, most hostels also offer private rooms, which usually have 2 to 4 beds and are often also equipped with private shower and toilet. In this case, staying in a hostel is very similar to that in a normal hotel, except in social opportunities offered by the sharing of certain spaces such as washing machines, telephone, internet, and dallostello events like dinners and excursions.

Cleaning and Sanitation
digiene To comply with the rules and cleaning when there are many customers who are moving, you have to be very efficient and clean a lot. Certainly, when showers and toilets are shared by many people, after a while 'not definitely the best look, but most of the hostels clean them frequently.

Consumption of alcohol in the Hostels
depends very the country where you are, but most of the hostels do not allow alcohol in the room. Some have a bar, usually in the United States there are limits to access to machine settings deta areas near the bar, others not. As always, it is important to respect other people and customs of the country in which we hosted.

Bans Smoking in rooms is usually not smoke. If you are in the United States probably can not smoke anywhere. In Germany, there will surely be a cigarette machine at the entrance of the hostel. Again, this depends very much on the country where you are.

If you have valuables, ask if they have hostel safe (they are often given free), or be careful not to leave too much in sight. In any case, the hostels do not get people who have not booked an accommodation, and this discourages theft because it's easy to reconstruct who may have entered a particular room at any given time.

Social life in hostels
Youth hostels are a great place to socialize and meet new people. Since most of the guests are young, there are countless opportunities to make friends and establish relationships. Many hostels organize parties, meetings or sweepstakes, or have a bar in or near the structure, where easy to know the other guests. Because the people who go to hostels is usually more open to new experiences than the average tourist, it's definitely easier to get in touch with other people, to exchange advice, tips and so on. Many travelers travel the world alone for a year or more, and therefore are willing to strike up a conversation with anyone, since usually the purpose of their trip is to meet new people and deepen their cultures of other countries. Always remember: when you meet people from countries other than your own, it is easy to see that they have very different views from your policy, sex, religion, and even on your country of origin. So be tolerant and flexible. Ultimately, if you are staying in a hostel, do not be surprised if you make many new friends (especially if you speak one or more foreign languages) that may last for many years.

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