Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dreamweaver Cs3 Beginners



"A creation that explores the whispers, the tears, the forced breaths. The origins of life, relations among men. Everything is shaped by the air invisible intangible but crucial because it allows you to run walk breathe life allows.

not speak the same language but through dance we can understand through sensory perception, movements,
my method is based on the breath as a stricter measure, flexible and changes over time. element of physical and mental strength that can become creative and refreshing.

I'd like to get closer to the theater. SCREAM is a first step to create a spectacular new dimensions. BECKETT I was inspired by his lyrics are so physical to his word communicates a strange energy close to dance. body language and choreography of absolute fascination quasi-experimental.

the relationship between the physical and sounds around us is very narrow. we scream when our body is tense, in whispers and silences tend to relax. this is in our unconscious and dance transforms it into an image.

life, dance ... all live together in perfect harmony. in both cases I seek beauty. I believe that beauty comes from the unknown, the mysterious, even in our mood. we are being flexible and changing, ever-changing. often depends on the character situations and contingent events. we close to joy as if we are sad to protect us from the outside world.

I am one of those people are always ready to reveal the unknown, beauty, and then turn them into theater, dance, movement ... pure feeling. "


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