Saturday, July 19, 2008

Carpenters License Requirements

Sergio Trombetta

Mats Ek as it was in the past and how it is now. Brigitte Lefèvre invited to prepare two of his songs for the Paris Opera Ballet, the choreographer of Sweden, which in recent years has given us brilliant interpretations of contemporary classics such as Giselle or Sleeping Beauty, has chosen two tracks are very distant in time: "The House of Bernarda Alba" by 78 and "A sort of" 1997.

Inspired by the drama of Lorca, danced to music by Bach and English guitars, The House of Bernarda expressionist is wrapped in a climate where stands the contrast between the servant and the sensuality of the popular boy and the repressive and authoritarian world of the widow Bernarda and her daughters.

AND M. Legris ... is resounding in the travesti role of Bernarda: woody, masculine, tragic, a personification of the severe and Franco Spain. Mother and daughters make up a group of crows cawing black birds and take as the servant. ... The seventies were those of the undertaking, the complaint against the authoritarian family and sexual repression.

Over time ... the choreographer has resulted in the subjects more reflective, personal.
"A sort of" ... presents us with a couple ... in front of the unconscious. That is all that is hidden behind a door. When the dream prevails and the stage is revealed in the totality here take over the world grotesque Ensor, populated by men in Magritte.
Here the mature style of Ek unfolds in full. Topics include symbols and tic ...

taken from

"Mats Ek Opera between expressionism and unconscious"
Sergio Trombetta


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