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Sibi Larbi Cherkaoui

The global dance and religious Sibi Larbi Cherkaoui

from Hildegard von Bingen, the medieval religious mystic and musician, in the Henan Shaolin monks, mystics and religious teachers of Kung Fu ....

"What I did with the Shaolin monks is a work of martial arts combined with the scene of Anthony Gormley and the music of Polish Szymon Broski. We start with the traditional forms of Kung Fu: I will work, I compose directions and in different times and so has become the dance. During the tests we talked a lot with the movement: I showed them things and they repeated. Their movement of martial arts developed in a different direction becomes something else. Party as Kung but in reality it was dance. Because of the music, set design and directing everything changes and takes on a new look. Become a dance, only pieces of the whole. "

... the movement of their martial art is often based on animal movement ... which fits with my need for now to go more toward the animal world, to know to imitate him. Move, have an animal instinct. "

lot of irons in the fire ... some critics complain that the second of which produces a continuous stream shows ...

" I've always worked at this rate. Just before, when I was not known, we knew less. I was not so popular ... And then the dance is my life. I could not do anything else. And like I say: too live, live without. "

" ... put me in the cage even smaller and I feel the same free. For ten years I do this. I love the differing performances ... why do not correspond to anything definite: it is not musical, opera, ballet. And my style is a form that progresses and develops. I do not like those who say you should be like this or duel. Larbi and I want to be just. "

extracted article from Dance Dance &
Sergio Trombetta


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