Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is It Ok To Have A Period With Mucus In It

Dominique Bagouet

"Yes, I want to say that there is a French dance. He has nearly ten years ... a strong expansion has produced many young artists, but no place to express themselves, perhaps because there are too many. He has produced a lot of research but is not very official.

Dance in France is still dominated by the classic. If we talk of contemporary choreographers like Claude Galllottà, Queens Chopinot, Daniel Larrieu, the undersigned or should not believe that we have too many resources to work. For my part I can not pretend to have more than ten dancers in my company. Why can not I have a studio or a small repertoire of research constantly. E 'is an example.

The dancer is fragile. And I feel too often locked away because of limited resources. If the French dance exists, it does not have the means to really live. If contemporary dance has a great media recognition, there is a institutional point of view.

At the same time would be a shame too institutionalized, but the difference with the classical dance institution that is that does not run the risk of humiliated "

excerpts of the interview (1991) to
Dominique Bagouet


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